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Sales Innovation Representative

Are you experienced with Sales and/or Innovation consulting? Are you willing to grow in a fast paced and multicultural environment, working for innovative projects? Then, you will suit perfectly at FUTURO PERFECTO, a Consultancy specialized in funding breakthrough projects within European Programs (i.e. H2020 and Horizon Europe) under the European Commission. 

If you are interested in applying, send your CV to

About the Job


 We are looking for Sales Innovation Representatives to join our team for a training period (30 days) in Madrid and a relocation into an international city (Lund, Milan, or Berlin) for another 6-9 months, with a natural attitude to dive deep and huge curiosity to find solutions to tackle society problem.


The candidate will help with the development of our firm and/or develop new projects and business plans. The mission of the project is to expand internationally our client’s portfolio innovation and deep-tech initiatives. 

This position is highly entrepreneurial as the candidate will be instrumental in building new business relationships. He/she will also have to maintain personal relationships with stakeholders and public entities. They will also look for private investors for our clients. They should have experience in sales and/or finance.

What We Offer

6-12 months remunerated position including a training period in our premises in Madrid Headquarters (30 days) + relocation to either Lund, Berlin, or Milan after the training stage.

 Also, you will be in touch with: 

  • Training in Madrid Headquarters

  • Exposure to an experienced team (15+ years on average)

  • Involvement in state-of-the-art projects and companies

  • European connections in over 30 countries

  • Thriving in a modern ecosystem and multicultural environment

Essential Requirements
  • EU passport, under 30 years old

  • At least 6 months of residence in Spain (empadronado/a)

Desired Background
  • Sales, business development, finance, strategy, international relations

  • Masters students with at least 3-5 years of experience are preferred

Ready to dive into a dynamic role that shapes the future of innovation? Apply now and be part of our journey at Futuro Perfecto.

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