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Meet The Team

Business Innovation


Enrique Rodriguez

 Enrique is the head of Business Innovation. He´s an engineer with 30 years of experience with a broad international business, operational and technical background, participating in the opening of new ventures and expanding markets worldwide.

His interests include: reading and music.


Sophie Minter

Sophie is an Innovation Advisor who has a Bachelor in Politics and International Relations with a focus on drone warfare. She also did the Master in Management at IE University with a specialization in Business Analytics. 

She grew up near Manchester and has lived and worked in the US, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.


Her interests include hiking (especially in the Bavarian Alps and Scotland), reading, and cooking.

BizDev EU
TechDev EU

Innovation Consultants

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Sushil Venkata

Sushil is an Innovation Consultant, with a Bachelor in Civil Engineering and MiM master.

He has 2+ years of international work experience working in India, Middle East and Europe

His interests include: F1, esports and travelling. 

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Mario Ledesma

Mario is an Innovation Consultant, with a PhD, in Molecular Bioscience.


He has been a researcher at top centres in his field.


His interests include; chess, music and nature.

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Hugo Dacasa

Hugo  is an Innovation Consultant, with a PhD, in Physics 

He is Spanish and has developed most of his research outside of Spain 


His interests include; doing sports, cooking and movies.


Camila Camacho

Camila is an Innovation Consultant with a Bachelor in Computer Information Systems. She also has a Bachelor in International Business, with a  Marketing Concentration, as well as a Master's in Computer Science and Business Technology.

Camila has worked and lived in Bolivia, the US, Germany, and Spain.

Her hobbies include: going to concerts, horseback riding, and reading.

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Andrew Akanno

Andrew is an Innovation Consultant, with a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering.

He has a PhD in Physical Chemistry with more than 6 years of research experience working with different multicultural research groups in Europe


His interests include; running, football and chess.


Angela Bejarano Villafuerte

Angela is an Innovation Consultant, with an M.Sc. in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and another in Fundaments and application of Synchrotron Radiation


She has a PhD in Nanoscience with more 15 years of international R&D experience (Academia, private sector, national, commercial, and EU projects).


Her interests include: playing sports, the outdoors, and exploring new places.

Private Fundraising

Innovation Fundraising

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Enrique de la Riva

Enrique is an Investment Manager, with a Bachelor in Economics and an MBA.


Strong sales professional skilled in Business Development, Investor Relations, Market Research, and Commercial Intelligence.

His interests include: padel, traveling, and concerts.

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Fernando Martínez

Fernando is an Investment Consultant, with a Bachelor in Business and an MBA.

He has professional experience in Finance Consultancy at Auxadi, Private Banking at Bankinter, Anti-money Laundering Consultancy at PwC, and Retail (Pierre Cudet) as a founder.

His interests include: fitness, cooking, and nature.

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Marco Pau

Marco is an Investment Manager, with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineer and a MBA.

He has profesional experience in Finance, Innovation and as a general manager. 

His interests include; going to the gym, cooking and nature


Raymond Nahas

Raymond is one of our Investment Advisors. He grew up in Beirut, Lebanon before pursuing his Bachelor's in Investments and Financial Risk Management in London. After, some experience in Risk Management, Private Banking, and Venture Capital, he pursued his Master's in Strategic Management.

Raymond speaks fluently French, English and Arabic.


His interests include skiing and football.


Jorge Basso

Jorge is an Investment Advisor, with a Bachelor´s in Accounting and a Master in Management specializing in Finance and Investments.

He was born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, but has also lived and studied in Germany and Spain.

His interests include: rugby, water sports, and sailing

Innovation Technical Managers

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Luca Amadei

Luca is an Project Manager, with a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering and MBA.

He has profesional experience in Lean Consultant with 10 years of international experience helping different companies in different industries to improve processes and reduce cost with the minimum effort. 


His interests include; CrossFit and traveling.

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Beatriz González

Beatriz is a Project Manager, with a Bachelor in Chemistry and a MBA.

She is a profesional  Chemist with extensive experience as Project Manager and Business Manager.


Her interests include; cooking and traveling.

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Elena García

Elena is Project Manager, with an Environmental Science BSc and training in Project Management.

She has over15 years of experience working on European initiatives related to research & innovation.

Her interests include: sport, nature, music, travelling & explore international cultures.

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Moises Bueno

Moises is an Innovation Technical Manager, with a PhD in Chemical Engineering.

He has International R&D expertise in the fields of Chemical and Civil Engineering with 10+ years of experience in acquiring and coordinating innovative projects.

He lives in Zurich with his family and his interests include; books, music and sports.

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Steen Koldsoe

Steen is an Innovation Tech Manager, with a Telecommunications and IT engineer with a Business Administration degree from Copenhagen, Denmark.

He has over 30 years of experience in R&D telecommunications, ICT, innovation consulting, startups, food industry and real estate markets.

Her interests include; playing tennis, cooking good food, exploring by walking and biking.

TechDev Project Mng

Office Manager


Lara Pérez

Lara is the office manager and holds 30 years proven career track of Executive & Presidential Secretary, Personal
Assistant in different sectors.

Lara has taken many courses to supplement her title as an International Management Secretary. She has taken business courses in both Ireland and Madrid. She has also taken numerous accountancy courses and has abilities in shorthand and typing.

Her interests include: outdoor sports, football, photography, music, and dance.


 CTO & Co-Founder

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Diego Rodríguez

Diego is the CTO and Co-Founder of Futuro Perfecto. 


He is a dynamic and result-oriented Business Innovation Executive with 20+ years of proven career track of business growth and creating long-term value in the TICs, Energy, and Healthcare Consultancy, among others, working in several countries.

Recognized R&D consultant, professor, and researcher. Trained and educated with a Ph.D., in Computer Science in specifically, Artificial Intelligence. He holds a master's in Project Management and a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. His background and high expertise are gathered from multicultural experiences in Finland, Germany, and Spain.

His interests include; Traveling and quality time with family & friends.  


 CEO & Co-Founder

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Jaime Trainor

Jaime is the CEO and Co-Founder of Futuro Perfecto.


He holds dual Citizen (US + Spanish). He is a dynamic and result-oriented Business Development Executive with more than 15 years of proven career track of driving business operations, positioning companies for business growth, and creating long-term value in the Aerospace, Defence, Consultancy, and Railway sectors.

Recognized for contributions to record-setting sales figures, territory expansion, and establishing strategic partnerships. Trained & educated with an MBA from IE Business School with high-tech skills pursuing an MSc in Industrial Engineering in his background and high expertise gathered from multicultural operations (country, territory, regional & global management level) in the US, UK, Spain, Japan, and Turkey.

His interests include; Triathlons, nature, and quality time with friends.  

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