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EU Funding Experts

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We support your innovation efforts by helping you obtain the financing you need to bring your company to the next level. We are specialized in EU funding schemes such as Horizon EuropeH2020, Eureka-EurostarsERA-NETs , Life and Interreg. We provide a range of services, from defining your funding strategy to writing your funding proposal

Our Services

15+ years inspiring R&D Companies and Projects

Our Services

Crafting Innovation Strategy

We design a funding strategy, combining various instruments during your innovation cycle. We have an eye on what entrepreneurs and innovative corporations are doing globally, which helps us bring best practices to startups. Futuro Perfecto provides innovation services for start-ups, SMEs and other entities, helping them grow and scale to commercialize their R&D.

Writing Grant Proposals

Once we have identified the most suitable funding scheme, an excellent project proposal requires the best from science and industry. But it also requires the skills of highly experienced EC proposal writers. We provide guidance on writing your proposal to editing technical chapters, as well as how to optimize project cost and projections in your market analysis.

Project Management

Management of the grant is not easy and requires specific skills and your precious time. We contribute to a perfect interlocution between you and the European Commission. Our highly experienced multidisciplinary team not only has the knowledge but also the proper tools and modern techniques to do it in a timely manner, reducing your administrative workload.

Business Improvement

Understanding the relevant metrics, trends, and barriers before entering new markets is essential. But understanding this and being aware of legislation and competition as well as getting your pricing strategy right, may not be easy. We identify and improve existing processes, design alternative methods, and engage relevant stakeholders.



You may have the capacity in your home market and country but you might be inexperienced in other international markets. You need a partner with the right contacts, resources and time to scale and excell abroad. We draw in strategic partners to leverage your company internationally and accelerate your new product development operation.

Private Investment Attraction

Our consultants and experts work with companies to attract private investments from venture capital funds, private equity funds, and angel or strategic investors. We start with careful preparation of your investment pitch and financial model, in order to be prepared for the right valuation, so we can assist your company with the terms sheet.

Ready to find out more?

We work closely with our clients in order to identify a strategy able to obtain European Funding and lead your product to the market. We guide the application process and provide comprehensive support with the writing and submission of the grant applications to the European Commission. This includes the drafting and re-writing of a project business plan, finding the right project partners, dealing with red tape, administrative tasks, project management and strategic advice on the innovation process

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