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Why Choose Us?

01. Innovation Strategy

We challenge your ideas from a technical perspective in order to meet market needs and to present a solid innovation strategy. Understanding the potential of your product in a global context is essential to prepare your business plan.

02. Understanding Public Funding

There are many options in European Funding, including €100 Billion for Horizon Europe. It takes years of experience to have a deep knowledge of all of them. Therefore, it is crucial to know the most suitable call and programme to each project.

03. Stage of Development

European funding is based on the stage of development of your project. European Commission established its criteria regarding TRL (Technology Readiness Level) as a measurement of the maturity level from concept or idea to full commercial application. We analyze your current stage of development to meet funding programmes requirements and set the best action plan.

04.Networking & Collaborations

We leverage your business operations through partnership in various levels that will positively affect your development and growth. Our vast networking in most European countries and overseas will provide you further collaboration options.

05. Project Management

We offer agile project planning and management and adhere to standard Quality Management System principles. We carefully manage your and your project suppliers´ budget and cost as well as risks and mitigation strategies to enable a smooth project run within timescales and objectives.

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