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  • Amy Murphy

A CELTIC-NEXT Success Story: Driving Sustainability with the MSW Project led by LiveDrive

Read this article to learn about the MSW Project led by LiveDrive, and about the CELTIC-NEXT programme - part of the Eureka Clusters.

Livedrive Success Story Celtic-Next

In 2022, a remarkable milestone was achieved by our esteemed client LiveDrive and its visionary founder, Miguel Aires. They successfully secured an impressive 4.8 million euros in CELTIC-NEXT funding for the MSV (Move-Save-Win) Project, with LiveDrive leading the way as the Consortium Coordinator.

This transformative initiative took flight in July 2022 and is set to shape the landscape until June 2025. Anticipation runs high as we eagerly await the unfolding of exciting developments and meaningful progress in this endeavor.

Through the "polluter/user pays" principle and advanced technologies like 5G-V2X and Edge computing, the MSW project redefines road mobility. It calculates exact savings in external costs from sustainable actions, converting them into incentives. The result is a powerful driver for positive behavioral changes, fostering a culture of sustainability.

With the challenges posed by the escalating number of vehicles worldwide - encompassing environmental concerns, emissions, traffic congestion, and road safety - the MSW project will drive a transformative shift and incentivize sustainable actions in road mobility.

The MSW project revolves around integrating road, mobility, and vehicle data using cutting-edge connectivity. The technology and solutions of the MSW project are carefully designed to comply with GDPR regulations, ensuring strong data protection and privacy.

As the MSW project charts its transformative course, it does so through a real-world pilot-demonstrator phase. Over the span of ten months, a pilot deployment of 1,000 Blackbox OBU and 2,000 Light OBU devices will rigorously test and fine-tune the technologies and market solutions at play.

The Celtic-Next Programme, part of the Eureka Clusters, aims to drive collaborative research and innovation in advanced communications, fostering a secure, trusted, and sustainable digital society. With a focus on ICT projects and cross-border collaboration, this program accelerates innovation, supports market-driven solutions, and strengthens the European ICT ecosystem.

CELTIC-NEXT calls typically span project budgets from 1 million to 70 million euros, involving partnerships of 2 to over 50 participants. Project durations generally range from 24 to 36 months. There are bi-annual calls in spring and autumn. Contact us for more information about the programme’s opportunities, eligibility criteria, evaluation process and more. Our innovation consultants are trained to help you through the submission process.

Learn more about MSV Project: Project Website

Source: CELTIC-NEXT Website

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