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  • Amy Murphy

RIA Success Case: Relevium improving lives for PDAC patients using digital tools

In this article, we will discover the Relevium EU-funded consortium project and its innovations for PDAC cancer patients.

Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate among other cancers and its staggering fatality rate claims 95,000 lives annually in the EU. Its elusive diagnosis, treatment resistance, and debilitating comorbidities inflict profound hardships on patients and their families.

In response, Relevium, a pioneering European endeavor, is revolutionizing the lives of advanced pancreatic cancer patients through AI-guided multimodal interventions. These interventions encompass a suite of cutting-edge technologies, from multi-sensor smartwatches to innovative remote ultrasound patches, all underpinned by powerful AI algorithms and interactive dashboards.

Fueled by a 6-million-euro grant from the European Commission, this Research and Innovation Action project, fully co-financed, commenced in September 2022 and will run its transformative mission until the end of 2026.

RIA projects usually have a budget ranging from 4 to 15 million euros per project, spanning a timeframe of 36 to 48 months. Funding encompasses 100% of the eligible costs for organizations of all kinds.

Coordinated by the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, the Relevium project empowers patients with digital tools and wearable technology, granting them autonomy in self-management and fostering robust communication with healthcare providers.

The 17 Partners of the Consortium are:

At the heart of the Relevium project lies patient empowerment. Leveraging digital tools and wearable technology, Relevium empowers patients to navigate their health journey actively. These innovations enable patients to proactively manage their conditions and establish seamless communication channels with healthcare providers. This shift from passive recipients to active participants enhances patient engagement and fosters a holistic approach to care.

To stay updated on the latest developments and breakthroughs from the Relevium project, be sure to follow @Relevium on social media: on LinkedIn and Twitter. Additionally, explore their official website to delve deeper into the project's anticipated outcomes.

As the communication lead, at Futuro Perfecto, we are excited to spread awareness about the Relevium project, ensuring its impact reaches more patients.

If you have an innovative project and are in search of appropriate funding prospects and project partners, feel free to get in touch with us. We are more than happy to provide our guidance and expertise.

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