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Keys to know how the Horizon Europe Programme can help your company

An exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs with the will to lead Europe's future. Horizon Europe is the most ambitious proposal by the EU for excellence in research and innovation. An investment program for the next 7 years endowed with a €100 billion budget with the aim of ensuring that Europe leads the forefront of global R&D and innovation activities. At Futuro Perfecto we know how complex it may be to digest so much information, this is the reason, we summarize the key takeaways so that you do not miss this unique opportunity to grow your business.

The first calls for Horizon Europe

With the Europeans Union’s Budget for the 2021-2027 period being approved, deadlines for the first calls of the Horizon Europe Program by the European Research Council (ERC) were launched by December 2020. The first launch has a €1,9 billion budget that includes three calls:

  • From 02/25/2021 to 04/08/2021: Starting Grant, designed to create its own team and independent research program. Budget of €619 million.

  • From 03/11/2021 to 04/20/2021: Consolidator Grant, endowed with €633 million.

  • From 05/20/2021 to 08/31/2021: Advanced Grant, endowed with €626 million.

A powerful incentive for young brilliant researchers to come or to remain in Europe and that their discoveries serve as the basis for new industries and future markets.

What kind of projects can be included in the program?

Horizon Europe is a program designed to respond to global challenges

encouraging European industrial competitiveness. Therefore, it welcomes projects that prioritise 5 activity areas:

  1. Cancer

  2. Adaptation to climate change including Social Transformation

  3. Water and Oceans

  4. Smart and climate neutral cities

  5. Soil and Food Health

News in the presentation of projects for Horizon Europe

The ERC has introduced certain changes in the structure of scientific panels that are already applied for the presentation of projects in the 2021 candidacies. The objective of

these modifications is to reflect more accurately current scientific reality, reinforce the

coherence of each panel and integrate the different components of the science behind it so the final evaluation is more viable and fosters greater equity. These are the news in some


  • In Physical Sciences and Engineering, introduction of an additional panel (PE11 Materials Engineering) for the investigation of everything related to the Development of advanced materials: performance improvement, large preparation scale, optimization, novel use ...

  • In Social Sciences and Humanities, also an additional panel (SH7 Human Mobility, Environment and Space) to cover research on demographics, health, territorial planning...

  • In Life Sciences, there is a redefinition of the panels with descriptors enriched, although continuity with the previous structure with respect to titles and subtitles.

Additionally, there is a change that refers exclusively to projects in the category Advanced Grant, since interviews are introduced in the second phase of the evaluation. Thus, the applicant can defend their proposals and maintain a direct exchange with panel members.

At Futuro Perfecto we want to guide your company in this exciting challenge of

participating in the exclusive Horizon Europe Program. We have the most complete

team of professionals to provide you with meaningful advice. Contact us because the future of your project is closer than ever.

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