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Unlocking Opportunities: Exploring the New EIT Culture & Creativity Funding Calls in Europe.

 EIT Culture & Creativity logo, EU logo and title the power of creativity
The Power of Creativity - EIT Culture & Creativity call

What is EIT Culture & Creativity?

EIT Culture & Creativity, established by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in June 2022, is a knowledge and innovation community focused on revitalizing and empowering Europe's cultural and creative sectors and industries (CCSI). With the primary objective of enhancing the innovation capacity and competitiveness of European Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI), EIT Culture & Creativity aims to drive transformative growth and ensure their long-term success.

EIT Culture & Creativity calls for proposals

EIT Culture & Creativity has recently released its first calls for proposals, providing European funding opportunities for projects that align with Europe's green transition.

These calls prioritize innovations in higher education, business creation, social innovation, and environmental sustainability, all of which are key components of their strategic objectives: Education, Innovation, Creation, Society, and Systems.

The overarching goal is to harness the potential of the cultural and creative sectors to drive Europe's Green, Digital, and Social Transitions by addressing significant challenges in these areas. The EIT funding is organized into 10 Action Programmes (AP) that support these strategic objectives. For further details, refer to the image below:

10 Action Programmes (AP) and Calls that support these strategic objectives: Education, Innovation, Creation, Society and Systems.
EIT Culture and Creativity 10 Action Programmes

What is the EIT funding rate for the Culture & Creativity calls?

The EIT budget for EIT Culture & Creativity calls is of up to €10.45 million allocated for funding in 2024. There is also a planned allocation of up to €3.45 million for multi-annual projects in 2025. Depending on the specific call, individual projects can receive funding ranging from €250,000 to €500,000 per year.

A significant portion of the funds is set aside for innovation projects that have a clear and feasible commercialization plan. These proposals aim to bring forth inventive products, processes, services, or business models within sectors such as audio-visual and media, architecture, fashion and textile, design, and cultural heritage. Furthermore, there is a strong emphasis on projects that contribute to Europe's green transition.

Education-related calls will receive full funding, while other calls will require a co-funding scheme that varies depending on the call.

What is the EIT deadline for the Culture & Creativity calls?

The deadline for submitting proposals to the EIT Culture & Creativity calls is May 31, 2023 at 4pm CET. Eligible applicants for these calls include stakeholders and legal entities in the EU, as well as Associated Members of the Horizon Europe Programme. It's important to note that additional calls for proposals are scheduled to be launched in the second semester of 2023. Successful projects from 2023 will be incorporated into the organization's Business Plan for the 2024-2025 period.

How to submit the proposal for the EIT Culture and Creativity calls

The application is done via the Call Application System found on the EIT Culture and creativity website. The application portal opened on the 17th of April.

Expert Tip: Optimize your application process by filling out the two template documents before starting the official application on the platform. Once the application is started, there is no option to save and return to it later. By preparing the templates in advance, you'll have ample time to focus solely on the official application without any time constraints, ensuring a more focused and effective submission.

Am I eligible to apply for the EIT Culture and Creativity calls?

Entities and CCSI stakeholders from EU Member States and Horizon Europe associated countries are eligible for funding in the EIT Culture and Creativity calls. This encompasses organizations of various types, as long as they possess the necessary operational and financial capacity to carry out the proposed tasks of their project.

Furthermore, organizations from non-associated countries have the option to request participation in the project activities, subject to demonstrating self-financing from their own funds or through state funding. However, it is a requirement that at least two-thirds of the partner organizations forming a Knowledge and Innovation Community be established in EU Member States.

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