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Digital Europe Programme Success Case: Excalibur redefining password systems and cybersecurity

Learn about the Excalibur Success Story, the Digital Europe funding opportunity for ICT innovations and more.

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Introducing Excalibur, an exceptional Slovakian startup that has achieved a major milestone by securing a grant from the prestigious Digital Europe programme. Excalibur's groundbreaking approach garnered them a substantial budget of 1.6 million euros and a grant totaling approximately 1.2 million euros from the Digital Europe programme.

Excalibur has tackled head-on the pressing issue of password security, revolutionizing the landscape by completely eliminating the need for traditional passwords. How, you ask? By providing a secure and seamless multi-factor authentication system. This ingenious approach not only bolsters security but also mitigates the vulnerabilities inherent in conventional password-based systems.

In a hyper-connected world, the threat of hacking is ever-present. As connectivity proliferates, so does the potential attack surface. Excalibur's mission is to simplify and democratize cybersecurity, making it accessible and effective for all.

Excalibur's vision goes beyond traditional paradigms. They propose a paradigm shift by eliminating direct end-to-end connectivity. Instead, they advocate for a dedicated, continuously audited cloud service that securely manages interactions, drastically reducing the attack surface.

Through Enterprise-grade PAM systems, Excalibur's Privileged Access Management solution introduces a new era of secure connectivity. Leveraging the Excalibur Cloud Tunnel, they establish robust connections over SSH tunnels, ensuring robust protection.

Their innovative technique involves a transparent password abstraction layer, injecting dynamically generated credentials into standard authentication protocols. This innovative approach renders passwords devoid of security value and eliminates their storage in vulnerable locations. Enhanced by hardware PKI/HSM, Excalibur seamlessly integrates with enterprise authentication systems like Active Directory.

The Digital Europe programme, with a substantial budget exceeding €7.5 billion, is committed to propelling digital transformation across Europe. Encompassing supercomputing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, and widespread digital technology utilization, the programme drives progress on multiple fronts.

The EU is only now working on defining the guidelines and expertise on the Digital Europe programme. At Futuro Perfecto, we stand ready to offer early insights, guidance on project proposals, and an understanding of programme opportunities. Let us assist your team in crafting compelling submissions and forging connections with pertinent stakeholders.

Learn more about the project here: Excalibur

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Source: European Commission Official Website

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